How to become a Flamenco Dancer in America!

I remember when I saw Flamenco for the first time. It was actually on the television, there is not much Flamenco in Idaho. I was drawn to its passion, commitment to performance, energy... it had me hooked. My dancing career was focused on performing contemporary modern ballet at the time and I had little time for more dancing, other than working with the dance company I was performing with at the time. 

Flamenco was never far from my mind. I dabbled, as one might say, mostly because there were no classes available in my town. When Julianna Thomas returned to Boise and began teaching, I was inspired! It has become a journey that I have continued these past six or seven years. 

One of the challenges I have found, is the availability of classes and community. This will be one of the topics I will be discussing in future blogs. This blog is more of a journal, so any apologies if it is not up to date. Please write if you are interested in a topic or just want to chat.