The best way to explore and learn the art of Flamenco Dance.

Whether you are an experienced dancer looking for performing experience, a dancer who likes to learn individually or are looking for a group class, we have you covered! Each class will focus on a palo or rhythm in Flamenco. 

Classes for Fall 2019

We will be offering three classes for those looking to improve their current skills or are new beginners. Sessions run for 16 weeks each session. 


Level 1/2 Tangos and Rumba Level 1/2   

Castanets: Intro 1/2 hour special class      

7-8pm: Lebrija

All Group Classes are held at         

contact us at:


Rates for Group Classes

Entire 16 Week Session: $215.00
Monthly fee:  $65                              Drop In Class fee: $20

Private Lessons
$120 for four session package
$90 Discounted four session package if also enrolled in current class
$50 Individual session


Your Flamenco Experience is waiting....